Windmill Cookies…

I love to laugh! And funny things happen to me! I hope you will join me on ‘Make Me Laugh’ Mondays- if you have posted a funny story- put the link to it in the comment section on my blog- starting this Monday- July 11- in honor of my very funny Mother’s Birthday! and my equally funny nephew’s birthday as well! I plan to open up this space for the next 6 Mondays – so if you write a funny- wholesome – no profanity- post! please leave it on my Blog- after all, ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ !

Camellia's Cottage

imageThese cookies should carry a warning from the distributor-‘Buy at your own risk’ or ‘Caution: We are not responsible for any unforeseen consequences resulting from the purchase of this product’ or ‘Has been known to cause the Don Quixote syndrome- Tilting at Windmills’.

I have not purchased these cookies in over 5 years, due to events that occurred during the purchase of Windmill Cookies at my local grocery store, until…last week. I was looking for a ‘plain cookie’- I had seen some peaches in the produce department; I recalled eating peaches with windmill cookies when I was a child. As I reached for some shortbread cookies, I saw the Windmill Cookies…my left eyebrow twitched- this should have been my warning sign- but I was distracted by a little girl who had her doll in a buggy near me-

She was softly singing…‘Twankle, twankle little star…’

A slight twinge of…

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