Our Southern Mothers…

This post was written for Mother’s Day- however the advice dispensed within speak to us Southern Girls anyday! Recently someone wanted to add to the advice in this post! She said her mother always told her- ‘You need to put a little makeup on- you know you are not a natural beauty!’ We are so thankful for our Southern Mothers it seemed a shame not share it again…look for the fashion advice concerning Labor Day!

Camellia's Cottage

A woman born and raised in the South carries with her the wisdom of the ages. Most of us had more than just our mothers watching out for us- we had grandmothers, aunts, sisters and cousins; we had our mother’s friends and neighbors- the list was endless. Our mothers told us that they ‘had eyes in the back of their heads’ when really they had eyes and ears all over the place! They dispensed an ongoing wisdom, usually in third person-  ‘I can’t believe her momma let her leave the house in that getup!’.

They taught us the rules, how to behave, how to dress and why; regularly dispensed advice about men and what to watch out for; these women were our moral compass, why, they could even foretell the future!- ‘If you keep crossing your eyes, they’re gonna stay like that!’; they taught us about consequences ‘She’s played her stunts, now she’s payin’ for it’ –…

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