Land of Cotton?

‘This Wishing You’re in the Land of Cotton is for the Birds!’

‘O I wish I was in the Land of Cotton…’ No matter how good Elvis sang ‘Dixieland’ or how hard you try to convince folks how wonderful Alabama is…it’s hot out there! Alabama has had record high temperatures this year…And yes, the cotton is high and your momma’s good looking but…I think my cute grand cat, Oliver has it right until the weather cools down a bit! Have a great weekend- I hope your team wins unless they’re playin’ mine!


Love y’all, Camellia

12 thoughts on “Land of Cotton?

    1. He is a cutie pie! Eats his food with his paw, I guess b/c his face is so flat! They are moving and he was not terribly amused by that! just had to show him….who knows? maybe he will appear again…thanks for stopping by!

    1. Ha! Well…Oliver was just in a bad mood and sitting in that Alabama Cotton Wreath just made me wonder he must have been thinking! yes, we love it here…and when that cotton gets high? it’s a beautiful site!

    1. It does get hot, mostly humid here! Cold and snow would be nice if nothing else but to kill off the bugs as the old timers used to say..I hope your prayers are answered! Personally? I’m heading north…

      1. Well be careful heading north and yes those old timers believed in it , I catch myself saying it to my wife and kids all of the time , “we need some snow or we’re going to have bad bug problem this summer ” lol I still hear that ringing in my ear from my grandmother

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