Bevy of Beauties…

When Camellia’s Cottage was just a hope and a prayer- there were a select few ‘Camellias’ who contributed their thoughts as to what it would be.. one very special talented Camellia gave such incredible insights from her vast stores of experience and wisdom. This post was possibly her favorite one of all. Denis Duncan – friend, mentor, a sister in the family we choose for ourselves, fellow lover of books, gardening and this beautiful state we call home- Alabama gave me the gifts of love, laughter and encouragement. One year ago today- Denis passed from this life to the next. Her family had bookplates designed for her vast collection of books- and I am the honored recipient of several books she held in her hands and loved as I do. So! to honor Denis today- I have chosen to re-blog ‘Bevy of Beauties’ . I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Will always love y’all, Camellia

Camellia's Cottage


They still spring forth from twisted roots, thick marshes, stark hillsides, rushing rivers, dark coal mines and hard red clay soil of Alabama, a veritable Bevy of Beauties. Let us never forget that Stars Fell on Alabama, that Hank Williams wrote ‘Hey Good Lookin’ , What ya got cookin’  and F.Scott Fitzgerald found his Zelda right here in Alabama.

It’s no coincidence that Southern girls aren’t just cuter, they are stunning beauties. We know this from birth; like Strands of Steel woven through lace christening gowns, ruffled petticoats and tulle tutus. For a select group there is an almost immediate affinity for sparkle, sequins and crowns. Their eyes flash with fury, the art of flirting comes naturally at an amazingly early age. Charmingly, disarmingly  and alarmingly they manage to get their own way, especially with their daddies, brothers and beaus, who are more than happy to go along with it.

Some prefer hats and are devastating, some wear…

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