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morton tims event 1 004My name is Brenda Wyatt. I was born and bred in Alabama. The women in the generations before me inspire me to this day- like most of them, I am a wife, mother and homemaker who just happened to work in some interesting part time jobs. I love to read, write and tell a good story- to make you laugh or to inspire you. This blog is my second attempt at a higher level of writing- I wrote my first book in 2012, called  Four Days the Lazarus Principle which can be found at major booksellers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble- it started as an email Bible study between my sister and several women friends. Isn’t that part of what’s important in life- making sure you share yourself with your friends and family ? I also paint, sew, garden and DIY  projects, and of course write about it! I love to cook Sunday dinner and make special foods like my grandmother’s ‘award winning’ pimento cheese, for family and friends and hope to share the recipes with you! As a young woman, my mother and I designed and created handpainted children’s clothing for our little business, Grandmother’s Trunk. Then I represented several lines of fine children’s clothing including Kelly’s Kids and Rags Land children’s clothing. As my own children grew I became a personal shopper for Birmingham based Parisian Department stores, then later as fragrance model for some of the finest perfumers and cosmetic companies in the world, including Oscar de la Renta, Yves St. Laurent, Bvlgari, Tiffany, Ferragamo and the international division of Chanel. I also had a wonderful job working for Leaf and Petal gift shop at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  My life and retail experience inspired me to create this blog- Camellia’s Cottage . Alabama’s state flower is the Camellia, which is long lived and blooms in winter- I could compare it to myself!

The trail of fragrance and fashion by the iconic CoCo Chanel inspires me- she made a comeback at age 71, creating her most enduring designs at an age when other designers were retiring and her favorite flower was the Camellia! Her strings of pearls, classic lines and long lasting beauty closely resemble the ladies who inspired me as I was coming of age- believe me, most of them couldn’t afford Chanel’s couture but did buy an occasional bottle of Chanel #5 ! These ladies are my ‘camellias’ – women who bloom where they are planted.

I created a fictional character for Camellia’s Cottage, Camellia, who is a composite of Alabama ladies then and now. (see blog posts from Camellia).  Between the ‘two of us’ we hope Camellia Cottage will be about the wit and wisdom, the graciousness, the artistry, the industry, the generosity and the beauty of this great state, Alabama.

My husband is Wallace Wyatt Jr., retired after serving 20 years as Probate Judge of St. Clair County, which is part of central Alabama that is often called Greater Birmingham. I am honored to be a member of the Steering Committee for YWCA Purse and Passion Luncheon/St.Clair- which benefits victims of Domestic Violence. We have two beautiful daughters who are honoring timeworn traditions and building wonderful careers. I’ve enjoyed introducing you to our very real big cat, Walter. (See blog post ‘Meet Our CFO- Chief Feline Overseer’ ) We hope you will sign up for our blog, enjoy what you see- ‘like’ us and even comment..  Feel free to contact me at brenda@camelliascottage.com for more information, questions and availability for speaking engagements or free lance writing. Thanks for stopping by! Brenda Wyatt

This is my cottage in Alabama, another inspiration for Camellia Cottage!


My book, Four Days, the Lazarus Principle

Available in paperback or ebook at Amazon.com, bn.com and other fine booksellers.

Contact information: Brenda Wyatt, Pell City, Alabama 35128, email us at : brenda@camelliascottage.com


Four Days the Lazarus Principlehttp://amzn.to/1ssTRin

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  1. Thank you for following The Comfortable Coop! As soon as I saw your photo I thought you were the epitome of the elegant Southern lady. I can’t wait to dig into your blog and see what you, Camellia and Allie Mac have to share!

    1. Well thank you ! Unfortunately Allie Mac has only made one recommendation! We may need to retire her for awhile ! I am going to try soon to rework the blog into categories. So much to do, so little time. You are a precious person and I love your blog ! Xoxo

    1. oh my! yes, we cannot live without pimento cheese! my grandmother’s is on the spicy side- you will find it under blog post – Award Winning Pimento Cheese – hysterical really…I mean about the pimento cheese, but there is nothing like homemade! thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Wow! What an amazing, exciting and inspiring life you’ve led so far – and so many blessings to come, I’m sure! I can’t wait to check out all that you share in your blog. It’s been 3 or 4 weeks but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you stopping by my blog and for the “like” on one of my posts. It’s always encouraging when a new face stops by!

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