Fairy Tales…

‘Can come true…it can happen to you.’

We’ve had carpenters and workers here off and on since before Easter- workin’ on the screen porch, we had to replace our front door and have the back deck redone. Meanwhile, Spring had a head start and was just showing out! Everything was in bud or bloomin’ – color everywhere! The Azaleas were showing out in their bright pink dresses, the Dogwoods dollin’ up in all that green and white eyelet, Daffodils had paraded around in their yellow tutus and Fern and Frond were unfurling in every shade of green…honestly it looked like a Fairy Godmother was waving her wand…then I saw a blog post…a photographer  had run up on something… It made me think I needed to check around…

‘If you’re young at heart’…

My goodness! I found what I believe are Fairy doorways! The photographer had found one in a public park and here they were poppin’ up at Camellia’ Cottage! I knew I had heard rustling and hammer tapping after the carpenters had gone… I thought -surely not…and then that song kept running through my mind-

‘for as rich as you are, it’s much better by far-to be young at heart…and here is the best part- you’ll have a head start…’

This morning I found 3 more! And here IS the best part! I did some re-search y’all and I think most of them have been identified! The bright pink among the wood violets has to be Wood Nymphs! You know that yellow one belongs to the Tooth Fairy- look at that shape! I have a sneaking suspicion that violet door is Tinkerbell, what do you think? I’m thinkin’ there’s some Sugar Plum Fairies where those sugar plums are! So…that left the bright blue door and what’s behind the green door?  Well I’ll tell you what I think- none other than The Fairy Godmother is behind that blue one…she would be discreet, taking a daytime nap. So,that leaves the strange green door…I think he sneaked up here from Montgomery ( probably caused all that trouble!)-escaped  from the Shakespeare Theatre…and it’s none other than old Robin Goodfellow! He’s probably worn out from that Midsummer Night’s Dream! I’m sure he’s not leaving the South though…I mean, where else would he want to retire? Go ahead y’all… You never know what you’ll run up on- ‘if you are among- the very young at heart!’

Love y’all, Camellia

‘A Fairy Door in the Woods’ by www.suzie81speaks.com


Life’s unexpected gifts

This orchid is one of those unexpected gifts. I love orchids and consider them valuable and economical house plants. If you buy one when it is in ‘bud’ the foliage is pretty and the flowers may last a good six weeks as they unfold. Their needs are few considering how much pleasure they bring. 2016-03-10 15.45.24But the one thing I have never been able to do is get an orchid to re-bloom, oh I know some who get theirs to re-bloom and to be honest I’ve just told myself ‘you can’t do that’, ‘don’t fight it, just accept it’. ‘Go ahead and buy orchids, enjoy them, enjoy the foliage for a while and discard’. And that’s what I always did, until I needed a filler in my little tabletop greenhouse. So in this spent orchid went.2015-06-17 20.15.34Do you see it there? It had been there a year, a whole year, when this photograph was taken late last summer! And there it stayed, basically a place keeper in the little greenhouse. Well, in January of this year, I was sitting on the sofa beside this table and for some reason I peered inside and it looked like something was going on…what was that?

Can you see it? (Ignore the plastic redbird, that was meant to be edited out!) But look at the stem! Do you see it, the slight swelling on the stem?2016-01-18 15.32.55Okay, I took the weird orchid out, put it in a container and began to water it ~ thinking this could not be, this should not be happening, I have never, ever had an orchid re-bloom! I believed that the stem would wither and probably go the way of all orchids in my care. But not so, by February….2016-03-03 09.32.33I was totally enchanted, the dance of life- the unexpected gifts! The opening photograph of this orchid is proof that occasionally life will surprise you, prove you wrong, delight you in ways you never expected. Have I mentioned I love Spring? When daffodil bulbs push up so bravely, when buds on camellias swell without a quiver against the cold winter air, when peonies emerge in tightly wound burgundy shoots and soft delicate lamb’s ears and the pale iris leaves come around ever so softly, I am reminded of the old gardeners who shared bulbs, cuttings, perennials that needed thinning out ~ most of those gardeners have long since died ~ but because of them, every single Spring, I believe in the Resurrection all over again! Those things which we think have died and we no longer see are under cover, putting down roots, gathering strength, doing work we know nothing about. Oh we may know the botany of it, but we don’t know the delightful mystery. As we begin this Easter Season may we allow Spring to be our beautiful reminder of Life’s Sweetest Gift, the Resurrection of our Savior.

Love y’all, Camellia

The Trumpets have sounded…

The Trumpets have sounded too early this year, my Ice Follies were in bloom before the frost had gone away in February, the tiny daffodils at the feet of an angel were inspiring and the final flush of gold seemed here and gone before anyone had time to appreciate them for their bright beauty and silent song. Ah! A fickle but much loved lady, who wouldn’t envy Spring for her beauty? I vowed today even before the camellias take their last bow, that the first flush of spring green would not pass me by, ferns, fronds, clover and shamrocks ~ Welcome back old friends and lucky ladies, what would a garden be without your cool clever green? St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be the same without you!

Love y’all Camellia