Think on these things…

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As we were driving a lovely backroad from Nashville we heard more bad news- again from Baton Rouge. Bad reports, bloodshed and heartaches put a bruise on the soul. We had just spent five days immersed in some of the most amazing music- music that was pure and lovely. You cannot imagine what good, hours of music will do to your soul. As I heard reports of more violence, more deaths- ‘How can I keep some of the music in my mind?’ Portions of a Bible verse kept coming and going…from Phillipians 4:8

‘…whatsoever things are pure…whatsoever things are lovely…think on these things.’

 Tommy Emmanuel, who is quite possibly the greatest living guitarist- played four days throughout the Chet Atkins event we attended. His energy, his love of life come through his guitar and his winning smile…We spoke with him briefly- it is obvious that he thinks on lovely things! He ends his concerts with this-

‘It’s never too late- to live happily ever after.’

This song, was written by Harold Arlen, for the film-‘The Wizard of Oz’. In the 1970’s it was played beautifully by Chet Atkins. Arranged and adapted by Tommy Emmanuel, this beautiful version- also helps me ‘think on pure and lovely things’.

It is not a short piece- however, if your mind is sore from nonstop bad news, perhaps you will take a few minutes to listen as …‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ is played by Tommy Emmanuel, and ‘think on pure and lovely things’ then feel in your heart- it’s never too late to live happily ever after’.

Love y’all, Camellia