Crowning Glory…



To Southern women, our hair is our Crowning Glory…So, it’s a big decision whenever we start to go grey…for redheads or blondes, the decision is not so dramatic- it’s just silver threads among the gold or copper! For brunettes, it can be quite traumatic. Take me for instance…from childhood, my hair was as close to black as you could get and my eyes are this weird shade of green- very light, sort of chartreuse or lizard green…My great aunt Trix- exclaimed regularly…‘Isn’t she unusual?‘ and I never ever thought she meant that in a good way.

When the grey hairs started coming in more regularly than I thought was necessary…a decision had to be made.  Dark hair and dark eyes are a better aging combo than dark hair and light eyeswe start looking washed out. And who wants to look washed out?  That’s tantamount to looking washed up. In the South- looking washed out is almost as scary as that Ptomaine Poisoning our mothers were always telling us we would get if we ate at uninspected places. First, I followed my grandmother’s ancient advice- ‘If you look bad, get a permanent wave.’ I guess I thought if the grey hairs were coiled up tight with the others they wouldn’t be so noticeable- not true.

So amid the unsolicited advice- ‘Get that hair dyed’…and solicited advice from my beauty operator- ‘let’s put a few streaks in it’; I began the transition. I went lighter, had a few streaks put in, I looked like a blonde polecat. Back to the bottle again. When my book was published I was in the frame of mind to look as young as I could. I told the hairdresser to just do it a little lighter than my natural color which was dark brown. Dyed dark brown hair color was a pure vanity decision for the book cover.  Soon, reality sank in, I was dealing with roots. Now, Southerners have an unnatural fascination with our ancestors- our roots…however roots near your scalp isn’t pretty. We may want to know who your people are, but we don’t care whether your string of pearls is real or cultured; nor whether your hair is natural or dyed. The main thing is, Southern girls want to be cultured and real pretty, especially when it comes to our Crowning Glory.

Next- I had a semi-permanent wrench put on it, and I sat for hours with R2D2 foil squares, the pole cat look returned. I started looking in magazines and online, a good many famous people- namely movie stars of a certain age…were going naturally grey. Emmie Lou Harris, Linda Evans, Pierce Brosnan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren, Anderson Cooper, Diane Keaton, Ali MacGraw and who can forget Meryl Streep’s silver locks?

Of course we all know that men get ‘distinguished looking’ with grey hair- I don’t hear those same sentiments about women’s grey hair. To my surprise, there were articles written about ‘grey being the new black’ with stunning examples.

Then, a blogger I truly admire- Vicki Archer, of French Essence-beautifully let her readers know of her decision to go grey. Something clicked when I read her article. I too, was going to go grey. Now, I certainly didn’t want folks to say- ‘well, she’s really let herself go’ or ‘bless her heart she sure has aged’ or ‘she needs to dye that hair’…after all a woman’s hair is her Crowning Glory- it’s biblical. Following the hairdresser’s suggestions, she warned me it would take a long time, I said I was prepared or thought I was. imageA local magazine called and wanted to do a story on my book- I could hardly have a photograph done with ‘roots’ showing! I listened to the ancient voices in my head…‘Once a woman gets a certain age- she can’t wear long stringy hair’…I had a semi-permanent wrench put on and as you can see, I had my hair cut it as short as possible! After over two years…I am finally natural again, I also decided that I missed my hair having a little length to it. When I started blogging the advice was to use a professional photograph, the book cover photograph was the only one I had…but really Darlin’ I need to update-morton tims event 1 004

It’s not a professional photograph and who knows if I will ever figure out how to change it across all media- but I’m going for ‘truth in advertising’.  And I’m gon’ try to keep some color on my face, lipstick on my lips and remember that a smile is the best face-lift. I may be too old to successfully flirt, but can always flatter. I know I’ll never get tired of hearing or telling funny stories. The pearls might not always be real, but you can never have too much culture. No matter what color it is or how it got that way-A woman’s hair truly is her Crowning Glory. For me- Salt and Pepper is the Spice of Life!

Love y’all, Camellia

Big Glamourous Hair…



With ancestors named Dora Eugenia, Betty Jo, Betty Gene, Bama, Delta, Mary Sue and not one but two  great aunts named Trix, even a cousin we called Daw Daw-what would I be but southern- all the way out to the ends of my hair! *And if you will hang in there with me until the end…you’ll see!

Kinfolk, Farrah Fawcett, Dolly Parton, Sister Vestal Goodman and Jackie Kennedy  probably instilled my love for big hair-

Dolly Parton Dolly~!DOLLY PARTONDolly PartonDolly Parton during the cover photo session for her album Heartbreaker ...  Dolly Parton quote




If anyone tells you your hair is too big... More

Dolly’s Hair Quotes are famous! I’ll tell you this and you can mark it down- Give a Southern Woman a can of Aqua Net, a rat tail comb, a jar of Dippity Do, brush rollers, permanent wave solution and a hair pick- and she can go to town with a hairdo.


Carrie Underwood said- ‘I’m Southern, I like big hair and eyeliner.’ Others just like big hair- like the great gospel singer- Vestal (pronounced- Ves-chal) Goodman-

Vestal Goodman on Pinterest | Coconut Cakes, Funeral and Watchesvestal goodman | GOSPEL SINGERS | PinterestVestal Goodman rock of ages.mpg | Christian Music | Pinterest

The Happy Goodmans’ Sister Vestal- on the left when she was younger and her trademark looks on the right- Vestal Goodman was famous for her big voice and hair-it seems to have rubbed off on the men in her life- Look at her singin’ Rock of Ages! Can I get an amen for Sister Vestal??

Pictures Of Vestal Goodman Beehive Hairdo | Short Hairstyle 2013 image


Top People - Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett inspired generations of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ fans and hair stylists. I wonder how many hairdressers heard this- ‘Can you cut my hair like Farrah Fawcett?’ We wanted her face too, but failing that- we’d take her hair! Southern Men are not immune to the love of big hair-

elvis-presleyPorter WagonerEmail This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to ...

Elvis Presley, Porter Waggoner (whose wife shot him though maybe not because of his big hair) and Merle Haggard are just a few… Then there’s  James Brown- isn’t this the truth? Same goes for women! Hair and teeth…

Hair is the first thing and teeth the second. Hair and teeth, a man ...

In the South we ask ourselves this everyday, ‘Is it humid today? It feels humid to me.’ Life with big hair... Humidity Today, Curly Hair Problems, Angora ...

I’d love to have a nickel for every time I’ve heard this- ‘Well honey, it’s the humidity- either your hair’s frizzy or your arthritis kicks up!’ Nothing you do will keep the humidity from creaking bones. Humidity wreaks havoc on hair- limp and frizzy hair is just a way of life.  It’s true- thus, the need for hairspray and Dippity Do. So, if you can get that mess of hair tacked and sprayed- the humidity might not affect your hair quite so much. It is affected, but will hold it’s shape better.  I know from experience, that on humid days, big hair is like a big wad of cotton candy – bugs will stick to it! A swarm of locusts stuck to mine one time- well that’s another story…

Of course our role model on the bouffant hairdo was our late great First Lady Jackie Kennedy- who pulled it off with so much class:

jackie kennedy short hair style hairstyles pinterest jackie jackie ...Jackie Kennedy, 1962... style and poise under pressure more jackie kennedy jackie cattleJackie-Kennedy hairstyle | Flickr - Photo Sharing!jackie kennedy hairstylesJACKIE ONASSIS hairstyle - BakuLand - Women & Man fashion blog

My beautiful mother-in-law, my mother and my grandmother wore big hair. A friend and mentor also wears big hair. She swears she can barely walk past a piano without wanting to drape herself across it and sing.  Her husband is a retired, high ranking Navy man-  she says he impersonated Elvis and entertained the sailors and their families many times. (I have no proof of this. But he does have naturally good hair.)


I also have a darling friend whose hair is normal– yet every now and then- she cannot resist donning a big blond wig and performs with her be-wigged and spangled friends- to delighted laughing audiences-

Beauty queens, brides, bathing beauties and performers know that big hair can make all the difference-

Big Hair is good for the economy– whole businesses are devoted to hair care. One business made quite a stir in our area, it was called- Glamour Shots. The whole idea was- you got up your nerve, enlisted a friend, made an appointment, showed up- they fixed your hair, then rigged you up in several glamorous outfits – I fell for it…big hair, big teeth and all…take it away James Brown..


It took weeks for the proofs to come back-all encased in a leatherette portfolio, and to get that hair settled down! However, I’m with Dolly Parton…if anyone tells me my hair’s too big, I will get rid of them- I certainly don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.  Oh, lordie- to be that young again! Hope you’re laughing your sides off! And please don’t leave me hanging out here alone! Share your big hair moments!

Love y’all, Camellia

p.s. I can’t resist one more…even our statuary has big hair!image

*Most Celebrity Photographs are from AOL images- some celebrities were photographed from old album covers and all others are private photographs.